Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled booking for necessary processing.

Upon entry, you will receive a waiver to review and sign. The waiver MUST be signed.

You will be given sanitized protective equipment consisting of headgear, coveralls and gloves. Headgear is adjustable, and coveralls are available in various sizes. You cannot use the smash room without wearing protective equipment. If it is observed that you have removed your equipment, you will be asked to leave immediately.

You will have the opportunity to choose your weapons from baseball bats and crow bars.

You will be provided your smashables in the form of ceramics and glassware. The amount you receive depends on the length and type of your smash. For BYOB packages, your smashables will be inspected by staff. Prohibited items include metal and hazardous materials, like light bulbs. At ZenSmash, WE DO NOT SMASH MIRRORS. Prohibited smashables are subject to removal.

There are also large appliances and smashable materials in the room for you in addition to what you bring in with you! Inventory may vary and is subject to availability.

Staff will set the timer and your session will begin. A 5 minute warning will be issued 5 minutes before the end of your timeslot. That is the time to extend your smash if you so please, subject to availability.

Once your session is over, please return all protective equipment to staff. Please let staff know if you wish to purchase a video of your session for $8.95. Videos are available for up to 30 days from your session. Videos will be sent within 24 hours after your smash.

Here are the rules to enjoying ZenSmash:

No punching, kicking, or otherwise striking of the smashables with body parts, only hit with the weapons. For the ceramics and glass, it’s ok to throw them against the wall.

Please try not to hit the ceiling, walls or floor with the weapons.

Do not remove your headgear while smashing.

Anyone under the influence of any substance will be forbidden from the rage room area.

Children under 12 years of age are not allowed; minors aged 12-18 may attend with a responsible adult present. This means the waiver will be signed by the adult and the adult must remain in the rage room for the duration of the smash. Both adult and minor will be charged fare.

ZenSmash does not issue refunds for sessions booked. In the event you are unable to make your scheduled session, please contact Customer Service to reschedule at Your session credit expires in 6 months from the date of your original booking. Only 2 opportunities to reschedule are available.