The concept of a rage room is nothing new, but ZenSmash is coming from a different angle; where other rage rooms place emphasis on the destruction and violence that takes place within a rage, ZenSmash highlights the calm after the rage.

Here at ZenSmash, we believe the smash, or rage, itself is a transfer of energy. Over the course of our lives, we pick up negative energy in meaningless exchanges and destructive conflicts. That negativity builds up and starts to weaken our vibe. Naturally, the human body seeks a means to expel this energy, sometimes in the form of fighting, sex, or idle behavior. The destruction that occurs in a rage room is the perfect conduit for this expulsion of negative energy.

As you visualize the negative energy flowing from your body to the smashable item, you should feel a release of tension. You could immediately relax after each crash. The louder, the better.

Ten minutes can knock the edge off, 20 will change your mind, and 40 can put you in a zone. Book your rage today and see what it's hitting for.